Fire protection

We offer economic and ecological consulting and solutions using our 15 years of experience and knowledge of R&D in the area of fire protection of finished products, unfinished products and fire retarding agents.

Product line of substances and products intended for wood, wood products, paper, cellulose, developed also as a substitute of plasterbo...

We offer economic and ecological consulting and solutions using our 15 years of experience and knowledge of R&D in the area of fire protection of finished products, unfinished products and fire retarding agents.

Product line of substances and products intended for wood, wood products, paper, cellulose, developed also as a substitute of plasterboard in wooden constructions.

Final certified sets for wooden constructions as a substitute of plasterboard used on OSB boards due to aesthetical and fire protective reasons:

REI 30  composition - OSB18/OSB12 + ADINA spray, PYROGUMA putty

  • main active substance of the set - fire protective product OSB surface treatment ADINA
  • benefits of the set - no need for isolation, low expenses

REI 45  composition - OSB18/OSB12 + ADINA spray, PYROGUMA putty AQUAIZOL isolation

  • main active substance of the set - product in fire protection OSB surface treatment ADINA
  • benefits of the set - no need for isolation, low expenses

REI 90  composition - OSB15/OSB15 cellulose screed CMS 15, cellulose putty, perlite puttyMOPAFIRE - paper fire protective vapour barrierperlite fire protective isolation/perlite boards

  • main active substance of the set - product in fire protection    

OSB surface treatment    cellulose screed CMS 15,

MOPAFIRE - paper fire protective vapour barrier

ERLITE thermal, sound, fire protective isolation

  •  advantages of the set - very low expenses given the results of fire resistance of the set of 90 minutes

Developed and recommended for constructions with several floors and industrial construction

Products for internal and structural alternations in wood and wood chips

Transparent liquids MOL I and MOL II belong to a product line developed from fire retardants applied for polymers and plastics RETACELL FPR produced by MOVYCHEM.

It is a globally unique technology ensuring total fire resistance of wood and wooden substances by creating efficient and permanent protection from fire and volume degradation due to microcrystalization in the structure of wood, paper and cellulose. It is intended for cold or hot production from 65°C to 185°C.

Application - based on intended use

  1. predominantly in liquid form by soaking wood - wood chips, paper, cellulose. The consumption varies from 1 to 25% of the mass of wood or wood chips.
    We recommend combinations, e.g. to treat only 30% of all wood chips in OSB (surface chips), to dilute the product in the preparation process, potential application into urea glues for the production of DTD, MDF, etc.

    The product is compatible with any type of glue used in wood industry even in the form of powder for non-water-based and special glues.
  2. mainly in liquid form
  • for negative pressure or overpressure impregnation of wood in the whole diameter (prisms, boards, furniture pieces).
  • for impregnation of wood by painting, roller painting, spraying. On such surfaces, other products can be hot-glued as areal surface materials - materials or thermal tapes.
  • biocide impregnation - ensuring protection against fire, pests, wood diseases, fungi and blue stains.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

Non-flammable epoxy

Fire resistance analysis of the PUR panel

Fire resistance analysis of the PUR panel

Fireproof textile fiber

Fireproof treatment of hemp fiber

International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association

MOVYCHEM participant - 14th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association

Movychem - HEMP

Movychem - Fire protection

Adina - Protection against migration of asbestos fibres from asbestos and cement boards.

Aquaizol - Protection against migration of asbestos fibres from asbestos and cement boards.

Fire resistance test of polyurethan plate

Fire resistance report test

Fire test

Wood chips fire protection


RETACELL FLR - A1 Fire protective gel

Non-flammable OSB board

Non-flammable cellulose


Fire is undesirable burning endangering the lives and health of individuals, animals, property or the environment.

The ancient Egyptians protected wood against fire by soaking the wood into the water solution of sulfuric acid salts. Mr. Fusch recommended as a flame retardant material water glass Sodium silicate Na2SiO3 already in the year 1820. The use of phosphoric acid ammonium salts for protection began in 19th century and their significance is relevant till today. Flame retardants have a long history and its importance gradually grown. Flame retardants are chemicals which chemical and physical or their combination impede to rapid ignition and combustion.

Fire protective coatings containing flame retardants had been used already in the 15th century with the aim to increase fire resistance respectively protect structures against fires. Quality level of protective coatings during development focused on reaction to fire/fire resistance and other properties like insufficient adhesion to the substrate, cracks after drying, aesthetic look / rough surfaces do not allow wide application use in practice. Extensive development of fire protective coatings occurred in the 20th century after the World War II (increase use of steel as a building material).

Modern fire protective coatings and fire retardants should fulfill complex flame retardancy. Not only material burning retardation, but also influenced exhaust gases while material burning. Flame retardant should reduce the amount of exhaust gases and if possible reduce their toxicity.

Reaching physical and mechanical properties of fire protective coatings comparable with standard decorative paints, also with regard to ecology and economy, is being considered as an extreme technology breakthrough in modern fire protective coatings and flame retardants.

Based on 15 years research and testing company Moles Technology a.s. from Bratislava has developed as first in the world fire protective coating material with characteristics what other fire protective materials could not achieve. Fire retardants and the application in fire protective coating is worldwide patented by company Moles Technology a.s.

MOLES 1-1 is flame retardant developed for universal use. Compatibility of flame retardant MOLES 1-1 allows to incorporate the retardant into the solvent-based coatings / synthetic, nitro, polyurethane, epoxy, chlorinated rubber ... /, and water based coatings paints. The flame retardant MOLES 1-1 is being intended to be used for interior, exterior application, in aggressive environment including sea going vehicles and equipment.

Chemical modifications of MOLES 1-1 allows using in transparent coatings, varnishes, wood stains, silicone and silicate sealants, adhesives, polyester and epoxy resins for laminates production and many others.PYROCHEM s.r.o.
Ongoing tests of thermal and waterproofing coatings with extraordinary properties, including fire resistance have been finished recently.

ADINA is the newly developed fire protective coating based on extraordinary characteristics of flame retardant MOLES 1-1. These characteristics are achieved by integration of two features lines. Each line represents excellent solution. By combining of these two features lines the extraordinary characteristics increasing exponentially due to synergy.

ADINA was tested in accredited laboratories and the test results confirmed the highest performance parameters of both features lines. As a first features line we mean Fire Protective properties. The high Fire Resistance declared by accredited test institute classifies ADINA into category of non-combustible construction materials and in some cases the Fire Resistance even exceeds characteristics of gypsum wallboard and cement materials, which were considered as a highest fire protective construction materials in the building industry, so far.

Accredited laboratory compared ADINA with other fire protective coatings available on markets in USA, England, Germany and Japan. The test results were surprising! The quality of ADINA was evaluated as incomparably higher that other competitors products.

The second features line characterizes physical and mechanical properties such as hardness, flexibility, frost resistance, water absorption, abrasion resistance. An important requested property is compactness of the coating after drying time when applied on wooden boards and while cutting maintain a clean cut without a rough edges, etc.

An important is the value of adhesion to the substrate. Laboratory test have shown that the tear off area was inside of wooden structure and the coating still adhered to the substrate after the test.

Some of these properties have been tested in practice-directly exposed to frost, snow, rainy weather etc. Even if ADINA is permanently under water load the coating surface does not rinse off and when dried up later on the original properties such as hardness, flexibility etc., returns.

We have also developed a sealant as necessary accessory to ADINA. The sealant is based on the same formulation added by flexible component. It is used for expansion joints, connecting joints and re-sealing wooden joints. Fire Protective coating ADINA together with Fire Protective sealant PYROGUMA creates fire protective barrier system for wooden buildings. ADINA is water based and due to its composition is environmentally friendly. Ecologically disruptive effects arise even during its production. Test results include technical certificate issued by Testing and Research Building Institute BRATISLAVA attached as an annex.PYROCHEM s.r.o. Legal Aspects.

ADINA is protected by the patents and utility models. The Fire Protective component – Flame Retardant MOLES 1-1 is patented separately same as own ADINA formulation.

Patent for the Flame Retardant was awarded in 2004 in the United States of America, followed by China, Euro-Asia, India, Japan, Canada ... Europe is in the restore process.

ADINA formula was realized as two utility models and one patented application in the year 2011. ADINA was extended to the international stage in identical countries where Flame Retardant protection was done.

Adina is a new, unique fire protective coating developed for protection of wooden and wood based surfaces.

Statistical studies and extensive scientific research has repeatedly demonstrated the importance of fire protective coatings as a means of passive fire protection with an important role in the fire. This means safe and rescue human’s life.