About us

We would like to present you our products that are known under the trade name and logo of the company Jiri Vylimec, MOVYCHEM. The company was founded in 1996 and is focused on the production and distribution of secondary products within the chemical segment.

Movychem also focuses on the recyclation of the organic and inorganic materials and further creation of non-flammable additives from those, to the materials and making them protected from the fire. Materials like wood, polystyrene, paper become fireproof.

Not only those, but wide range of the products like sealants, adhesives, protective coatings, and many more, represents a wide range of applications, applications and other business activities. We recommend their use where safety and protection of people, the environment and equipment are at the forefront, while complying with all EU distribution and trade regulations in the EU.

Business opportunities are focused on the global markets in order to develop improvement around the world.

The headquarters of the main center, that is partly a production center as well, is situated in the village Močenok, located in the district of Šaľa about 17 km from the regional city Nitra, Slovakia. Small but picturesque town Uhersky Brod is the center of business representation for the Czech Republic. In the Republic of Hungary, the business center is located in the town of VESZPREM near Lake Balaton.

Pricing and overall trade policy is based on the old trade principles of the First Czechoslovak Republic based on values ​​of high quality and affordability of products and goods.

Consulting activity in terms of knowledge and areas of business and services is an integral part of Movychem Močenok, Slovakia. The team of employees of Jiri Vylimec MOVYCHEM MOČENOK is constantly ready to meet all the requirements of the customer and to their general satisfaction too.